With great joy I look back at the photos I took in 2009 on the islands of Hawaii.
A special time in which I was looking for a different way of thinking and photography.
In addition, there were private life changes and some sadness after the end of my marriage and all that it entailed.
Rising from the ashes and where better to recover than on the volcanic islands of Hawaii?
With the necessary doses of luck, I first ended up on the unknown island of Molokai, after a long flight from Amsterdam via L.A. and with a short flight from the Hawaiian first island of Oahu, capital Honolulu.
Through a series of fortunate circumstances I was able to work as a volunteer at a retreat center the Hui Ho'olana-Molokai
Hui Ho'olana is a living sanctuary on the Hawaiian island of Molokai where inspiration, transformation and goodwill come together to positively impact individuals and the world we share.
After a few weeks there to be refueled on all levels, I decided to explore Hawaii further.
Maui, Big Island and  Oahu. Leaving the island of Lanai for the next time.... 
Later in late 2010 I went to Cambodia for an assignment and ended up living in Phnom Penh.
There I also started making more portraits again, the Cambodia Photo Tours started until 2020 (Covid)
Here on these pages I share photos with the Aloha spirit of love, beauty and respect for nature.

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